Earthquake Rebuilding in Gujarat, India
An EERI Recovery Reconnaissance Report




This publication describes the post-earthquake recovery process after the Bhuj 2001 earthquake. It showcases the complex and challenging recovery phase and the strategies employed by the communities towards disaster mitigation that can serve as useful lessons and guidelines for handling future disasters.

Authors : C.V.R Murty, Margorie Greene, Sudhir K. Jain, N. Purendra Prasad & Vipul V. Mehta
Publisher : Earthquake Engineering Research Institute
Year : 2005
Reprint by : National Information Center of  Earthquake Engineering                 
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Kanpur
ISBN : 1-932884-05-X
Price : Rs 150.00

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  Message rom EERI President
  Message from NICEE
  Executive Summary
  Chapter 1: Introduction
    A New Dimension
    The Context
    Methodology Used
  Chapter 2: Components of the Gujarat Recovery Process
    Overview of Recovery Policy
    Livelihood Rehabilitation
    Community Participation
    Disaster Management Capacity Building
    Human Resources
  Chapter 3: The Technical Challenge of Recovery
    Temporary Shelters
    Issues in Rural Construction
    The Approach to Urban Rebuilding
    Resources Available
    Construction Practices in Ahmedabad
  Chapter 4: Social Recovery through Community Development Initiatives
    Role of NGOs
    The Concept of SETUs
    Case Studies of Two Villages
  Chapter 5: Countrywide Initiatives Undertaken a_er the 2001 Earthquake
    Short-Term Initiatives
    Long-Term Initiatives: Institution-Building for Disaster Management
    Long-Term Initiatives: Earthquake Engineering
  Chapter 6: Use of Information Technologies
    The Project Management Information System
    K-LINK (Kachchh Local Information Kendra)
    Citizen Information Center
    IT Tools in the Town Planning Process
    Program Documentation
  Chapter 7: Observations
    Sustainability of Urban Rebuilding
    Community-Based Decision Making
    Reflections for the Future
  Appendixes A References
  Appendixes B Reconstruction Programs: International Case-Studies
  Appendixes C List of Interviewees
  Appendixes D Government of Gujarat Earthquake 2001 Rehabilitation Packages
  Appendixes E List of Consultants to Government of Gujarat in Post-Earthquake Recovery Activities
  Appendixes F Terms of References of Seismic Advisor to GSDMA


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